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Connecting Employers with Apprentices and Trainees


On-the-Job Training and Assessment in the Pilbara. Our Field Officers in collaboration with the Host Employer and Designated Registered Training Organisation will design a tailored flexible Training Plan. All, apprenticeships are bespoke to the organisation, the apprentice, and the supervisor’s needs.

Become a Host Employer

An easy solution for employers in Mining and Allied industries in the Pilbara to take on an apprentice or trainee with no long-term obligation or commitment.

3CM Pathways, Level 2 A12/435 Roberts Rd,
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Group Training

Organisation of Choice

Quality Assured Trainers, Assessors and RTOs

3cm Pathways will engage RTO’s, using our quality assurance process that identifies more than qualifications. We identify on site experience and knowledge, and people / communication skills. 3cm Pathways, RTO’s, Trainers and Assessors will provide support to Site Supervisors and Candidates. 3cm Pathways will either fly in or use, local Trainers and Assessors with the qualifications, skill, knowledge, and experience to deliver the identified Apprenticeships.

On the Job Training and Assessment in the Pilbara

In most cases, 3cm Pathways will provide Apprentices and connect them with RTO’s and Host Employers to establish a Training Plan. When this is not the case, 3cm Pathways Field Officers in collaboration with the Host Employer and Designated RTO will design a tailored flexible Training Plan. In this case, Apprenticeships are bespoke to the Organisation, the Apprentice, and the Supervisor’s needs.

Pilbara focus

3cm Pathways will come to you. We have offices and facilities in both Karratha and Port Hedland.

Unparalleled engagement

The Candidate, Employer, Supervisors, Field Officers, Trainers, and Assessors will all be directly engaged with each other and involved in identifying, special needs, reasonable adjustment, or unparalleled engagement and communication of all parties

Practical delivery and assessment

Apprentices will be using and assessed on tools and equipment they’re familiar with and use day to day, thereby increasing support, industry relevance and positive outcomes.

Support of Host Employers on-site Supervisors

3cm Pathways will provide support to Supervisors to ensure competency and the ability to “set apprentices up to succeed”. This will ensure the best practice of education, the best outcome for the apprentice and a valuable employee

Multiple sites

The apprentice will be exposed to multiple sites in the Pilbara and gain significant skill and knowledge.

Pilbara Community

3cm Pathways will offer our products and services in the Pilbara and to the Pilbara’s Indigenous and Non-Indigenous community, encourage women in non-traditional work roles, and encourage mature aged apprenticeships for the Pilbara Community.


3CM Pathways Apprentice programs

Including the following programs


Certificate III in Engineering (Productions Systems) MEM30105 / MEM30119

Manufacturing Machine Operator
Traineeship 24-36 months

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Certificate III in Engineering (Fabrication Trade) MEM30305 / MEM30319

Includes metal fabrication, forging, founding, structural steel erection, electroplating, metal spinning, metal polishing, sheet metal work, welding, and the use of related computer-controlled equipment.
Apprenticeship 42-48 months

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Certificate IV Warehousing (Operations) TLI41816 / TLI40619

A general qualification for the warehousing and storage industry.
Traineeship 24-36 months

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Certificate III in Scaffolding CPC30911 / CPC30920

This qualification reflects the roles of individuals working in scaffolding operations in the residential and commercial construction industry. Traineeship 12 months


Leadership and Management training either as professional development or Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB40520

This will be a specially designed program to complement the above trade qualifications while adding meaningful skills in leading and managing individuals, teams, and organisations to create elite trouble shouters that can be deployed throughout the Pilbara.


Workplace Supervisor Skill Set TAESS00017, Enterprise Trainer (Mentoring) Skills Set TAESS00013

These are skill sets from the National Qualification TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  Highly desirable and specific to workplaces issuing VOC (Verification of Competency) workplace competencies.